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My Story Letter

Perhaps we haven’t been in touch for a while or we may know each other through different social circles so I’m connecting with you now to share a little of myself and give you some insight into why I took the path to becoming a Realtor. I believe, if you know more about me and what has led me to this career, this letter will have served its purpose. I want you to know that I don’t expect your business but only the opportunity to “apply for the job.” Once we get to know one another better, we can forge a better relationship.


I’ve been on my own since I was fifteen. I moved from Ohio to California to live with my older sister after my mother passed. I like to say, I was raised in Ohio, but I grew up in California. I had to grow up fast; I had to make grown up, mature decisions.


My passion has always been event planning, coordinating, catering and helping to led people to their destination.  Back in 2012, I wanted to do something I thought I’d put off until retirement.  I also needed something that would keep my stress level down, so I got involved in the culinary arts, which allowed me to study abroad in Italy on a full scholarship. After having the experience of a lifetime, I was asked to be the program coordinator for the largest campus event of Contra Costa College with a Food and Wine event that gives scholarships for students studying abroad. As I said, I love to make people happy and give back to my community.


I’ve been in real estate for over 22 years; it was an easy transition for me. A good friend who owned a mortgage company said I’d make a good agent and told me, if you get your real estate license I’ll open up a company, so that’s just what I did! I’ve had some great mentors. Those who believed in me gave me the confidence to go out and do it. You have to know your craft in order to be confident. My mentor taught me to fish. He taught me to be able to go out and find the answer. That enabled me to have the confidence to go out and start my own real estate company in 2007.


I was happily married to my friend Roy for over 24 years. Unfortunately, Roy didn't win his battle with ALS. Our daughter, SaRoya, is the joy of our lives. She’s a passionate artist, model and shopper.  She was born the day before Thanksgiving and I am truly thankful to have her.  She is becoming a wonderful young lady and I think the world of her.


When I was trying to come up with a name for my company, I was talking with a colleague I remember saying, I just want it to be so real. That’s how I came up with SoRealty. That really sums me up—so professional, so caring, so real.


I believe we have to continue to learn everyday. I try to “be all that I can be” without going into the military! Patience is one of my best qualities and to be able to look at things from different perspectives. This, I believe, helps me to connect with my customers. I know I am partnering with my clients on one of the biggest decisions and investments of their life, so I understand the importance of helping each client get what they need. I help to get my clients excited and make them comfortable. One of the boutique levels of service is treating clients as if they are my only client. 


When I think about my goals and what I really want out of life, I think it’s to live happily ever after. I know it sounds like a fairytale and that’s how I feel. To live happy and healthy, to be so caring, so professional and most of all, so real. We live a big life; we should have a big story.


I want you to pick a Realtor that’s the right fit for you and I would never be upset if you chose someone else as your Realtor. Even if that’s not me, it won’t risk our friendship. When you or someone you know is in need of a Realtor, I ask that you give me the opportunity to demonstrate my services and interview for the job. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I greatly appreciate it and hope that I can earn your business should you ever need a Realtor that is professional, caring and real.


With gratitude,





Sonja Johnson

Direct: 510.965.5215
CalBRE #01302205

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